Boiler Tube Expanding Accessories

We are offering Boiler Tube Expanding Accessories

1) Drive Extensions:
Are used with universal joints and parallel gear train drives as well as extension couplings for extending expander mandrel reach through water legs, headers etc.

2) Extension Coupling:
Are available in plain or reducing type and are used to connect drive extension, mandrels, and universal joints.

3) Universal Joints:
Female x Female are most common and are used to create flexibility in reaching hard to get to stop.

Double Universal Joints: Allow more deflection than Female x Female universal joints.
Male x Male: are suitable for use in sugar heater headers.

4) Parallel Gear Train Drive: Have high strength gears with bronze bushings to expand tubes in hard to reach places.

5) Right Angle Worm Gear Drive:
Used for operating in very confined areas of boiler headers.Has a one piece construction for maximum life.

6) Extension Universal Joint:
Integral design eliminates couplings an extension with a universal joint and are used when expanding tubes through water wall headers, super heater headers, water legs etc.

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